At BrightCoach, we’re committed to a single vision:

To increase the effectiveness of player and coach development through online video-based content, community, and workflow learning tools.

Many many coaching tools and resources exist on the web and print media.  For many coaches, players, and engaged parents, the amount of available content has become less of a problem than the quality of the content.  Which is why “effective” development is such a key component of what we’re trying to do.

We want to deliver the best learning content to you, organized thoughtfully, and wrapped with an intuitive set of tools so you spend more time learning and preparing your practice plans and less time trolling through the internet.

We also know that effective sports learning doesn’t happen in a bubble: it comes through the knowledge sharing and engagement of a vibrant community of participants. You’re a part of the BrightCoach story too, and we actively encourage your questions, feedback, and participation!

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