Bob Hurley “Weak Link” Peer Pressure Passing Drill

I recently came across Bob Hurley’s “Weak Link” passing drill, loved it for its simplicity and effectiveness, and had to share. It comes from Hurley’s “Bob Hurley: Practice Planning & Program Development” DVD.

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Hurley makes this a part of his regular routine with his high school teams because it trains the kids to RUN and CATCH at the same time – not a novel concept, but a fundamental that can’t be taken for granted at any level.

The Drill
  • The drill requires team members to first break into 2 groups (white and dark), and then pair up with one other person in their group.
  • The pairs line up in the corner to start the drill with one ball for each pair.
  • One player lines up outside the sideline, the other just inside the lane.
  • Pairs must run continuously around the perimeter of the court making chest passes back and forth between each player.
  • The entire team must do this for 60 seconds straight without anyone dropping the ball.
  • The group (dark or white) that goes the longest wins and picks a consequence for the losers.
  • Spacing between the each passer is critical – no bunching up, they need to maintain spacing with one player outside the sideline and one player inside the lane so that the pass is challenging.

Hurley also likes this drill because the players self-police it: he doesn’t have to scream at them to get performance because the players will get on each other if they aren’t able to keep the drill going for the required one minute. I tried it with some of my own teams and the players had a blast and loved it!

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