Read & React Quick Hitter: “Dagger” Pass & Cut or Dribble-At Screen For Weak Side Post

This Read & React quick hitter is ideal for youth teams running the Read & React who are looking to feed the ball into the low post. It combines a simple pass & cut or dribble-at action with a basket cut screen for the weak-side post player.

I really don’t want to overcomplicate this play. It’s a stone-simple method for forcing a certain type of action that can be taught very quickly to youth players. Enjoy!

Read & React Quick Hitter: “Dagger” Pass & Cut Screen For Weak Side Post
  • Offense starts in 4-out, 1-in setup with the  post player in the weak-side low post or short corner.

  • 1 initiates offense with pass to 3 on the wing; basket cuts and set screen for 5.

  • 5 flashes hard to strong side low post.

  • 3 feeds 5 for layup.

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