Read & React Quick Hitter: 4-Out 1-In Flex Cut For Layup

This Read & React quick hitter incorporates a flex cut and backscreen into the offense out of a 4-Out, 1-In alignment.

The primary option is for the person flashing off the screen into the paint for a layup; this quick hitter then offers a secondary option as the perimeter player downscreens to “screen the screener” often creating an open jumpshot at the elbow.

To find more information on the flex offense, including how to incorporate Read & React principles into it, please see our other post How To Run the Flex Offense With Read & React Adjustments.

Read & React Quick Hitter: 4-Out 1-In Flex Cut For Layup
  • 1 initiates offense with guard-to-guard pass to 2, then basket cuts and screens for 4.

  • 5 back screens for 4.

  • 4 flex cuts off the double staggered screen from 1 and 5.

  • 3 fills.

  • 2 immediately passes to 3; 3 immediately looks for entry pass to 4 for layup.

  • 2 downscreens for 5.

  • 5 fills out to the open perimeter spot looking for a jumpshot.

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