Bob Hurley End-of-Game Press Break “Flood”

This press break from high school coach, Bob Hurley, puts severe pressure on the opposing defense late in games when they’re gambling to get turnovers. Hurley especially likes this press against the diamond press or 1-2-2 press.

The press break releases the two guards long, while the two bigs flash from half-court to the ball. When the point guard reaches half-court on his release, she plants and flashes back to the ball in the middle of the court, usually behind the defense.

This play and clip comes off of Hurley’s “Bob Hurley: Practice Planning & Program Development” DVD.

  • Start with two guards at elbows, two bigs at halfcourt corners.
  • 1 and 2 quickly get wide and break to halfcourt looking for long pass over their shoulders. Speed is key!
  • 4 and 5 flash to the ball looking to receive the inbound pass just inside the three-point line.
  • 3 looks first to the long passes over-the-top, then to the big men flashing to the ball.
  • When 1 gets to half-court, she immediately plants and flashes back to the ball to the middle of the court behind the defense.
  • 3 passes to 4 or 5, with 1 as the secondary read.
  • After inbounding, 3 cuts to the middle of the court staying behind the ball ready for a ball-reversal.
  • 5 catches ball and immediately looks opposite to 1 in the middle of the court; 5 can also reverse to 3 who is “piggy-backing” behind the ball as a safety valve.
  • 2 continues down sideline.
  • 4 flashes down the opposite side of the court.
  • 1 catches ball and immediately looks opposite to 4 flashing down sideline.

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