“Hoya” Baseline Out-of-Bounds Play Entry Into Flex

The baseline out-of-bounds play outlined below comes from the Georgetown Hoyas and provides a great entry into the Flex Offense from a dead-ball situation.  The creates several layup opportunities for cutters flashing to the basket.

  • Setup with two players at low posts, and two players stacked at ball-side elbow.
  • 5 flashes to corner and receives pass from 1.
  • 3 cuts high as safety valve.
  • 2 comes out to top faking to receive a pass, but curls around 4 and flashes to basket.
  • 5 will look immediately to 2 for a layup.
  • 4 pops out to top of key; 2 cuts out to weak-side wing.
  • 5 passes to 4.
  • At this point, players have established the base flex-offense positions: a triangle on the strong-side with two players on the weak-side.
  • 4 passes to 3. As with any guard-to-guard pass in the Flex offense, this initiates a screen and flex cut.
  • 1 screens for 5; 5 flex cuts across the lane.
  • 3 hits 5 for layup.

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