Sideline Out of Bounds Play: Matt Painter Purdue Three-Pointer Staggered Screen

This sideline out-of-bounds play by Purdue’s Matt Painter creates a wide open three-pointer off a double staggered screen for your best shooter. This play also flashes a secondary shooter to the opposite side, and establishes an isolation post-up for your big-person.


  • 2 is your best outside shooter
  • 5 is your low post player
  • 3 down screens for 1 flashing to the top of the key
  • After 1 flashes, 3 and 5 set staggered screens for 2
  • 4 inbounds to 1 and then prepares to set screen for 3
  • 1 looks immediately to 2 at top of the key for open three-pointer
  • 4 screens for 3 flashing to three point line as second option
  • 5 seals the defender and shapes up to the ball
  • If open three-pointer not available, 2 may feed 5 on the post

Download the PDF here:

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