Sideline Inbounds: Hubie Brown 10 Seconds or Less Inbounds Play For Three-Pointer

This sideline inbounds play from Hubie Brown provides multiple three-point options along with a backdoor lob. This is a well-design play for teams that are down by two with less than ten seconds left in the game.

  • 2 sets a down screen for 3 to flash to top of the key
    for a three-pointer.
  • 4 and 5 double screen for 2 cutting to the corner for
    another three point option.
  • If neither player is open, 5 pops back to the ball to
    receive the inbounds pass.
  • 4 clears to weak-side.
  • On catch by 5, 3 makes a hard back door cut to basket
    for possible lob pass.
  • If 3 does not get back door pass, 2 looks to back-screen for inbounder. Inbounder fades to corner for
    three pointer or attacks basket if available.
  • 5 can also look to attack basket and score off of

Download the PDF here:

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