Two Simple Drills to Create Consistent Triple Threat Behavior for Youth Basketball Players

Getting young players to consistently face the basket and position themselves in the triple threat position where they can pass, shoot, or dribble often presents a major challenge unto itself for youth basketball coaches.

These two drills help create consistent behaviors for young players and should be staple practice components for any youth basketball coach.

Triple Threat Drill
  • Good drill for any 1st-8th grader to help them get the ball into triple threat position first
  • Spin the ball out in front of you, catching it like you would a bounce pass and immediately get into triple threat position
  • Spin it to 2 – 3 spots around the perimeter (i.e. wing, top of the key, other wing)
  • At the last spot finish by taking a shot

3 Person Triple Threat Cut Through
  • Stresses catching the ball and going straight to triple threat position which allows the player to shot, dribble, or pass
  • Set up with three players along the perimeter
  • Player at the top of the key starts in triple threat position, fakes a shot, then passes to a wing
  • Once the pass is made, this player cuts towards the front of the rim, opposite wing fills in at the top, and the cutter replaces the open spot
  • The only player cutting in the drill is the player passing to a wing, not a wing passing to the top of the key

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