Zone Offense Quick Hitter: “1-3-1 Fist Down” – Izzo Michigan State

This zone quick hitter comes from Tom Izzo of Michigan State. “Fist-Down” creates tremendous decision-making pressure on the interior of the zone defense, putting them in a no-win situation regardless of who they cover. It comes from Izzo’s Basketball Smorgasboard of Drills and Basketball Wisdom DVD.

The play uses a screen in the middle of the zone to free up a perimeter player curling into the middle of the paint.  A second pair of players work together on the weak-side of the formation, with a big person setting a down screen for a shooter that will pop-out on the weak-side wing.

These actions result in a three-way read for the point guard at the top of the key: a) hit the curling perimeter person in flashing in the paint, b) hit the big person shaping up to the ball after their down screen on the weak-side block, or c) skip pass to the perimeter shooter on the weak-side.

Please see “1-3-1 Double”, “1-3-1 Special”, and “1-3-1 Arm Chop” for some of Izzo’s other zone quick hitters, or Stanford’s Zone Attack for a patterned zone offense for your team.


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