Read & React Quick Hitter: “3 Chop” High Post vs Man or Zone

This Read & React Quick Hitter works out of a 3-out 2-in set. It combines high-post action with the Read & React principles to create ball reversal opportunities that work well against either zone or man-to-man offenses

The offense lines up in a 3-out, 2-in set with the post players playing in the ball-side high post and weak-side short corner.

Versus Man-to-Man:

Versus man-to-man defenses, the post players screen for any teammates basket-cutting through the lane and then shape-up to the ball. This alignment may create an immediate back-screen opportunity for the point-guard after the initial pass & cut as the high-post player screens the point-guard’s defender.  The high-post player may also be available after the screen to catch the pass and shoot the foul-line jumper.

Upon ball-reversal, the point-guard will come off the second screen from the person in the short-corner for a jump-shot. The final option is an immediate feed from the wing into the short-corner following the screen and seal.

Versus Zone:

The same basic actions apply but the high-post will not screen for the point-guard cutter. As cutters pass through, the short corner will pin screen and seal the low defenders to create a scoring opportunity on the weak-side.

Alternatively, you can simply tweak the alignment of your high-post and short corner players to create better spacing and a ball-side overload situation, asking the high-post to play on the weak-side and the short corner to play on the ball-side. Once a cutter passes through and out to the strong-side, this will create an overload situation with cutter open for a baseline jumpshot.

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