Kevin Boyle 4-on-3 Transition Warmup Drill & 4-on-4 Trailing Defender Transition Drill

Today we bring you two new transition drills to add energy, variety, and competitiveness to your upcoming practices.

Kevin Boyle 4-on-3 Transition Warm-up Drill
The first drill comes from Kevin Boyle, coach at St. Patrick’s High School in New Jersey. The drill works well as an early practice tempo-setter and warm-up, getting a lot of people involved early.

Players line up in 5 lines – 3 offense, 2 defense – with a ball in the front of the middle line. On the coach’s whistle, lines 1-3-5 sprint to the opposite baseline as the offense while lines 2-4 sprint to the opposite foul-line extended. All players transition back once they touch their respective spots and play live until a made basket or the coach calls the play dead.

4-on-4 Trailing Defender Transition Drill
The second drill starts with 4 offense lined up on the baseline, 4 corresponding defenders lined up at the foul-line extended facing the offense, and a coach with a ball standing behind the defense.

The drill starts when the coach passes the ball to a person on the baseline. The corresponding defender must touch the baseline before recovering to defense, while all other players immediately sprint to the other end of the court and play live.

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