Zone Offense Quick Hitter: “1-3-1 Arm Chop” – Izzo Michigan State

This zone quick hitter comes from Tom Izzo of Michigan State. “Arm Chop” presents a fairly straightforward set of actions that work well on the youth basketball level, as well as high school and college. It comes from Izzo’s Basketball Smorgasboard of Drills and Basketball Wisdom DVD.

The play uses a screener at the top of the key to create gaps for the point guard to penetrate the zone after the ball reverses from one side to the other.

Upon penetration, the point guard will have opportunities to pitch to the wing or top of the key for three-pointers, or drop it down to the big man in the short-corner.

Please see “1-3-1 Double“, “1-3-1 Fist Down“, and “1-3-1 Special” for some some of Izzo’s other zone quick hitters, or Stanford’s Zone Attack for a patterned zone offense for your team.

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