Zone Offense Quick Hitter – “1-3-1 Double” – Izzo Michigan State

This post provides an overview of “1-3-1 Double”, a favorite quick hitter of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo against zone defenses. It comes from Izzo’s Basketball Smorgasboard of Drills and Basketball Wisdom DVD.

Coach Izzo emphasizes that these type of quick hitters work well for quick shots when you’re down late in a game and you need quick scoring opportunities for your team versus a zone.

This quick hitter places a lot of pressure on the middle of the zone defense while also creating a double screen for your best baseline shooter. If your offense can feed it into the middle after the double screen, this will create havoc for the zone defense.

Please see “1-3-1 Special“, “1-3-1 Fist Down“, and “1-3-1 Arm Chop” for some some of Izzo’s other zone quick hitters, or Stanford’s Zone Attack for a patterned zone offense for your team.

Have you run this play or any of Tom Izzo’s quick hitters with your teams? Please share your insights in the comments below!

1-3-1 Double

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