Stanford Zone Offense Attack – Patterned Offense Versus Zones

The continuity zone motion offense below outlines patterned offense that Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer runs versus zones.  Her zone and man offense in her Stanford Women’s Basketball All Access DVD from Championship Productions.

The play works from 1-3-1 initial setup and emphasizes wing cutters hunting the short corner behind the zone — frequently a weak point in most 2-3 zone defenses. The movements of the post, wing, and corner players overload one side of the court, stretch the defense, and create close-out challenges for the zone defenders.

Once the offense reverses the ball from one side to the other, the patterned offense and overload repeats itself on the other side.

We also love that Stanford’s approach keeps the rules very very simple for the single post player: moving from high post to mid-post and back essentially following the ball.


Found this additional video on youtube that has Coach VanDerveer teaching this set to her team. Enjoy!

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