How to Run A Basic Flex Continuity Offense, With Read & React Adjustments

The basic flex offense creates great spacing, movement, and mismatches for
well-disciplined teams. Many undersized teams or teams that have five similar skilled players find success with the flex because it creates mismatches on both the post and the perimeter and has some clever weak-side screen and “screen the screener” action.

We’ll outline the basic elements of the flex here although. as with any popular continuity offense, many variations, entries, and quick hits stem from the core.

5 primary principles create the foundation of the flex offense in its most basic form:

  • Spacing: There are 6 possible spots on the floor (2 low post, 2 wing, 2 lane-line extended). The offense establishes a “triangle” side (low post, wing, top) and a “two” side (wing, top) on each side of the floor.
  • Guard-to-Guard Pass: On a guard-to-guard pass, the low post player must screen the wing player. The wing player runs a flex cut off this screen to the opposite post.
  • Guard Down-Screen: The guard who passes it then “screens the screener” by setting a pick for the low post player.
  • Coach’s Choices (these actions vary coach-to-coach and need to be defined for your team based on preference):
    • On a guard to wing pass: passer must a) V-cut and replace himself, b) screen away to the baseline, or c) make a basket cut.
    • On entry pass to post: passer must a) make a basket cut, or b) screen away.

In the diagram below we’ve also included some minor tweaks for those teams that use the Read & React offense as their base and want to layer in the Flex without changing too many pre-existing Read & React habits.

Do you have special entries or adjustments that you use when you run Flex? What teaching progression or breakdown drills do you use to reinforce habits with your team? Post in the comments below!

Flex Continuity

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