Read & React Press Break in Plain English With Pictures

We see a lot of postings on various coaching message boards across the internet with questions on how to run the Read & React press break. We break it down right here, including downloadable diagrams.

The Read & React press break applies the same principles and behaviors taught in the Read & React half-court offense. This results in a novel pass/cut/fill constant motion press break that maintains spacing principles and reinforces habits that you’re already establishing with your team in the half-court set.

For a quick refresher, here’s the key Read & React principles that primarily carry over to the Press Break:

  • Spacing: 5 perimeter spots exist in the 5-Out Read & React half-court offense
  • Pass & Cut: If you pass, you MUST cut to the basket; all other players must rotate to fill the open spots so that someone is one pass away from the ballhandler
  • Speed Dribble / “Dribble At”: If person with the ball dribbles directly at your spot, you MUST cut to the basket
  • Read Line: If you’re one pass away from the ballhandler and your defender steps on or over the 3 point line, you MUST cut to the basket (this acts as a counter to a defender overplaying the passing lane).
  • Dribble Penetration: On North-South dribble penetration, all other players rotate in circular motion in direction of penetration to fill the open perimeter spots.

Take a look at the diagram below to see how these principles apply to the full court press break. We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, and own variations in the comments below.

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